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Best android email client.
best android email apps.
Best ios email apps.

The Best Android Email Client App’s 2017

Whether you need to check personal or your professional work email on your phone is a struggle but it’s also something we just can’t escape from.  Of course the best way to check and replay to email’s is still at the desktop computer or notebook, but mobile apps are catching up very fast.  So which you should use. The main aspect of the best android email client is the speed, a good email app should be fast. Getting new e-mails or refreshing inbox shouldn’t take more than two seconds. Also it  has to be easy to use, simple things such as reply, forward, archive, delete, or schedule your messages.  And for sure beside default options, a really good email app should also have a great UIX design. Number one and most obvious option is Gmail. Gmail app comes pre-installed on most Android so you know it’s good and you know ...

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