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Amplify Battery Extender – Download on Android

If you have been using your android smartphone for a while now then you must know that mostly the battery life is a bit average on the android platform. The android platform takes up a lot of battery juice when functioning so you end up charging your android smartphone multiple times in a single day which is quite annoying when you really don’t like to charge your phone all the time. If mediocre battery life is ruining your whole experience on your android smartphone then you should download and install the all new and amazing Amplify Battery Extender app on your android smartphone to give your android smartphone’s battery a big boost in its overall life. If you are tired of charging your android smartphone multiple times in a single day then you are going to love this amazing android app because it will actually extend the battery life on …

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How To Download Youtube Videos on Android Devices

If you are searching for a way How to download YouTube videos on your android device then you come to exactly the right place where we guide you the easiest way to download youtube videos on your android devices without any trouble. Android platform is gaining popularity rapidly nowadays, so number of android smartphone or any other android device users is also increasing day by day. Along with it users who want to download youtube videos on their android devices so that they can enjoy offline youtube videos is also increasing. There are many ways to download YouTube videos available on the internet but mostly among them are too difficult to follow or understandable by common internet users. That’s why we brought to you three (3) simple methods to download YouTube videos on your android device easily. DOWNLOADING YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON ANDROID 1: Download Youtube Videos using Android Apps Android …

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How to root the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a powerful flagship device full of impressive specs and features. Samsung added a stunning camera on the back along with a heart rate sensor, improved the fingerprint scanner and more. Last week a new Galaxy S6 root method arrived, and here we’ll explain how to root the Galaxy S6 and get even more out of the phone. Even though the Galaxy S6 is loaded full of features and options, many users still love to root their device for additional functionality or control. Just like jailbreaking an iPhone, last week the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge on Verizon and AT&T (and other carriers) finally received root access. Instructions to Root the Galaxy S6   CF Auto Root, by renowned dev Chainfire, has now been updated to root many variants of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Using Odin on your Windows computer, you can easily …

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10 Ways to Keep Your Phone Safe

If you’re one of the 58 percent of Americans who own a smartphone, then you probably use it every day: In addition to making calls and sending texts, you might use it for directions, to post to social media, browse the Internet and shop. It’s those last few activities that can put your privacy most at risk. Cyber experts say the rapid adoption of smartphones into daily life – especially for shopping, which requires the exchange of payment information – leaves many people vulnerable to financial attacks. A 2013 Norton report found that 1 in 3 smartphone users have experienced some form of cybercrime. Protecting yourself doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, but you should consider following these 10 steps: 1. When browsing or shopping on your phone (or computer), always look for “https” in the url instead of “http.” That indicates an added level of security, which should always appear …

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Speed up your homescreen with APUS Launcher

There is a plethora of apps out there that allow you to customize just about every single thing on your android smartphone without even rooting. That is why we have started the weekly series “Monday Makeover.” Each week we will take one of these customization apps and talk about setting it up, discuss the features of it, and show you how you can make your android device truly one of a kind. Last week we talked about Cover. This week we are taking a look at APUS Launcher What is APUS Launcher? APUS Launcher is the fastest growing launcher on the market and has been downloaded 120 million times in under 10 months. It replaces your current homescreen with a different setup and adds several features that are not usually found on a stock launcher. One of the best things about APUS Launcher is its file size is only 3MB so it takes up almost no …

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How to add Source/Repo to Cydia

Manually adding Sources/Repositories to Cydia: 1. Open Cydia and select Manage option on the lower menu bar. 2. Select Sources option and click Edit then Add on the upper menu bar. 3. In pop-up window type Source/Repo url correctly and click Add Source. 4. After source have been added click Return to Cydia then Done. 5. That’s it! Installing Sources to Cydia from menu: 1. Launch Cydia and sellect Home option on the lower menu bar. 2. Select More Package Sources option. 3. From the list of all the sources, choose the exact one that can be installed through Cydia. 4. Select Install in the upper right corner and click Confirm. 5. After installation select Return to Cydia and that’s it!

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