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Cheaper iPhone Will Be Called iPhone XC

Apple’s annual iPhone launch event is just around the corner, and we already know a lot about what’s going to happen September 12. Different leaks have also suggested that the new iPhones will follow the Apple’s traditional naming style and will be called iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max or XS Plus. Out of all the three upcoming devices, the most interesting one is the cheaper iPhone with an LCD display. A new leak has suggested that it will be called the iPhone XC. This leak comes from a Chinese carrier’s marketing presentation. The pictures from the slide are circulating on the Chinese social media site Weibo; it also shows a table with the Chinese prices of the devices. As per 9to5Mac, the leaked pricing is $900 for iPhone XS, $1,000 for iPhone XS Plus, and $699 for iPhone XC. These are the prices for the base models with 64GB storage. Given …

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iPhone Turning off with 30, 40 or 50% Battery Solution

As the title mentions I’ve had issues where there phone has shut down due to low battery at as high as 50% but normally once it got to 30% it was goodnight and it shut down. If i left it 5 minutes I could power it up again and maybes get a little bit more use out of but ultimately it would go again. I’ve seen seen this on my iPhone 6s+ and multiple flavours of the iPhone 7. I’ve had my phone changed but as mentioned but never has gone away. How to Stop the iPhone Turning Off with 30% Battery Now I had a theory about this so tested, My thoughts where that even though the battery had 30% left on it, it could not power the phone while the screen was on 100% brightness!. I always had my phone at 100% as i like to use the screen …

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Which Stores Accept Apple Pay?

If you want to see exactly which businesses accept Apple Pay right now, here’s a full list for physical locations, as well as places that do not accept Apple Pay or have been known to disable it entirely. There are also a bunch of iOS apps that will accept Apple Pay, so scroll down for that list, too. And if you need help setting up and using it, check out the bottom of this guide for some quick walkthroughs. 1Stores That Accept Apple Pay Right Now Here’s the official list of Apple Pay partners accepting contactless payments in stores. While it does not include every shop, restaurant, or service, you can most definitely be sure that it’ll work in these places, as employees have most likely been thoroughly trained to prepare for the questions shoppers will have. Anyone with a “(confirmed)” next to their name are retailers who aren’t on …

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