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10 Free Benchmark Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Each year every smartphone and tablet maker comes and claims, “This flagship is the fastest we have ever made”. The top 10 benchmark apps for Android Phones (Free ones) are made to test those lofty claims and really know if they are true or not. One of the best things about these best benchmark apps for Android Tablet and Phones, apart from being free of course is that they are unbiased. Obviously Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and other Android manufactures will praise their own products with real zeal and zest. But it is up to us not to completely fall for them. These benchmark apps for Android Mobiles are an amazing tool to use when you are looking for a new smartphone. If you are making a jump from 2 generation old smartphone, the speed will defiantly be noticeable. But if you are only jumping to the next model, then using one of …

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