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How to record calls on an iPhone

A lot of people think it’s difficult to record calls on an iPhone. It’s easy. Here are some ways on how you can track and log phone calls, and easily store conversations. It’s easy to record calls on iPhone The iPhone comes with a built-in audio recorder, but this little piece of software has very limited functionalities. For example, it can only be used for recording in-person conversations and basic editing. As Claimed by MelaRumors for recording calls on iPhone, you need to install a call logging software or a simple spyware on your iPhone The first thing you must do to record calls on iPhone is to install a call logger application. It can track the incoming and outgoing audio by hijacking the communications channel in the software infrastructure of the iPhone. In less garbled English, that means the software records the audio of the cell phone while a …

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Google Allo – awesome app

Google kept its promise of launching its messaging app – Google Allo. The rumors, it turns out, were true after all. I’ve spent a good portion of the last few years on WhatsApp and only in the past few months started using Telegram. I don’t like how Facebook apps tend to consume a lot of battery, so I’ve stayed away from their Messenger app. Where does Allo fit in this equation? To be blunt, it’s nowhere. It doesn’t have the first mover advantage of WhatsApp, lacks the creative approach of Telegram and might not get as many daily active users as Facebook. But, this is Google that we’re talking about. And even though they appear to be late to the game, they have a nice chatbot already talking back to users and helping them out. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 1. Predictive Replies Firstly, like WhatsApp and other messaging apps, …

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How to take a Screenshot on iPhone

Apple has never made taking a screenshot a tough task. Doing so allows you to capture an enlarged version of what’s display on your device as a PNG file, letting you quickly share the image among friends via Viber, Skype, text, or through social websites such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s even possible send the screenshot to tech support for further analysis. Never before has it been so easy to share pictorial proof of your high score in favorite games. Press and hold the Home button once the image you’d like to capture is displayed on your screen, followed by the Sleep button. The device touch display will then briefly flash white and you’ll hear a shutter sound, signaling that the screen capture was taken. Screenshot photo will be found in Camera Roll photos gallery.

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How to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone(iOS) easily without PC using Phoneswappr

Switching phones isn’t something we do daily, but whenever we do switch them we face a lot of issues and problems especially while transferring contacts and data from our old phone to new phone. Considering the lack of Bluetooth transfer on iPhone it becomes even more tedious task. But not anymore, we present you a very easy method to transfer all your contacts from Windows Phone / Lumia to iPhone 4/5/6  or even iPad without PC by using PhoneSwappr app! . Its quite easy to use and requires no PC access at all . Features of PhoneSwappr Supports transfer of Contacts from Windows Phone to Android/iPhone as well as vice versa . Stores the Contacts from your device on the Cloud for 7 days, providing you ample time to store the contacts. All the contacts stored on the cloud are encrypted with a security key, which is only shared with you. …

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